Does the PSS College Success program cost me any money?

No. It won’t cost you a penny. Generous sponsors have donated to make this week possible for you.

Why only a weekend? Why not a full week?

This is a concentrated program. Many of you are now working or studying during the summer and do not have that much time. For this reason, we have condensed the curriculum to one weekend. It works. At this point of your academic career, you don’t need the full week of information. You have your momentum and we want you to keep it. That’s what PSS CS is all about.

Why is this program important for me?

Often times, you need support during the year. You may or may not have the support network around you. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to connect with mentors who want to see you succeed. We are all Latinos and are looking out for our PSS students. That’s why it’s important for you.

How many college students are allowed in the program?

Only 25 students will be accepted into the program. 

Will I need to bring my computer?

Yes! Bring your laptop. You’ll use it to rebuild your resume and to take notes regarding key learnings and contacts.

Do I get to choose my corporate mentor?

You will be matched up with a mentor at the end of the program. They will connect with you at least twice during the academic year to see that you are doing well in school and to motivate you.

Will I be doing as much walking as in PSS High School Week?

NO! Your campus tour walks are over! We will only be at one campus for our weekend. We’ll take a bus to certain dinner events or activities, but overall will be only on one campus.

Will I need dress clothes? What kind of clothes do I need?

You’ll need to dress casual / professional for our weekend. No shorts. Jeans and dress/casual clothing is acceptable. 

Will I need to spend any money?

No. Everything is covered during PSS CS weekend.