Is there a cost to attend the PSS High School Summer program?

No. It won’t cost you a penny. Generous sponsors have donated time and resources to make this week possible for you.


Do boys and girls attend? Where do we stay overnight?

Yes, this is a co-ed program for men and women. In the evenings, ladies will stay on one floor while men will be on another. Our mentors stay on each floor to ensure security during the evenings.


Can parents attend PSS?

No. Only students can travel with PSS during the week. Mentors also travel with the group from campus to campus.


Can I only come to a few days?
I don’t feel like spending the whole week.

If you are not available for the full PSS week, you cannot attend. It is the full week that makes for a complete program.


Can I use my cellphone whenever I wish?

Although we recommend that you turn off your phone during the day, you will be allotted times when you can text or communicate with your parents or document your PSS experience on social media. We encourage you to try to disconnect from your “home” friends to get the most out of the full PSS week and not be distracted.


How much do I pack for the week?

Once you are accepted to the program, you will receive instructions on what to bring/what not to bring to PSS. Generally speaking, we will limit you to one suit case.


What kind of shoes do I bring?

Bring comfortable shoes. You’ll need daily walking shoes, a pair of dress shoes, and maybe casual shoes.


Will I be walking a lot? 

Yes! You’ll be walking on campus tours at several universities if you are unable to walk distances, this program may not be for you.


Will there be time to have fun?

We mix fun into the business of learning! At the end of the day, you’ll have time to relax and enjoy yourself. Sometimes evenings include wall climbing, bowling, billiards, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and lots of other fun activities.


Do I need to bring any food?

No. We’ll provide all your meals and snacks.