Be a PSS Student Ambassador

If you are a Project Stepping Stone graduate, there is a way to continue your support - by becoming a Student Ambassador. Student Ambassadors are individuals who will serve as student leaders during the week of the program and beyond. You will have certain responsibilities during the program, that will allow you to demonstrate your current leadership skills and also gain new skills as an emerging leader. If you are interested in becoming a Student Ambassador, please click on the link below.

Before beginning the application process, please print out this Checklist to help you make sure you complete all the requirements for the application process.

You also must print out the Ambassador Pledge & Disclaimer and you & your parent must sign and return with your other materials.

The essay questions for the 2019 PSS Ambassador Application are:

1.    Explain how your GPA reflects your commitment to attaining educational excellence and what you have done to improve throughout your high school or college career? (Minimum of 250 words. Maximum of 300 words.)

2.    Describe a leadership activity that you are currently involved in either at school or in your community. What have you learned from this activity that will help you in your role as a PSS Ambassador? (Minimum of 250 words. Maximum of 300 words.)

3.    Please tell the leadership team why we should select you to be an Ambassador for Project Stepping Stone of Indiana. (Minimum of 250 words. Maximum of 300 words.)

We highly recommend that you work on the essay questions before starting this application. This will give you time to consider the prompts, thoughtfully write your essays, and make sure there are no spelling errors. Simply type your essay in a Word file, save it, then "cut and paste" the essay into the online application. 

When your application is complete, send or email your reference letter, transcript and Ambassador Pledge to

Email or
Project Stepping Stone of Indiana
8340 Little Eagle Ct.
Indianapolis, IN 46234


We Offer Internships!

PSS is now offering opportunities for you to serve as an Intern during PSS week! You must apply to be considered for these limited positions and you must also have worked as a former PSS Ambassador. As a full-time college student, you must also demonstrate leadership in the community and must be a team player - willing to train those around you, including PSS Ambassadors.

Click here to read more about Internship requirements and also the process on how to apply. We need good interns! Good luck!