Application Forms

The application is available only online. The application covers not only your academic background, but also your extracurricular activities and personal interests. Your leadership experience and career goals are of particular interest to Project Stepping Stone of Indiana application reviewers. So be complete in telling us your story.

Accepted applicants are expected to participate in the program with 100 percent completion, including attendance of all workshops and social functions listed in the program guide, as well as abiding by the guidelines and code of conduct for the program. We suggest that you work on the essay questions before you start the online application process. This will give you time to think about the essays, type them up and make sure there are no spelling errors. If you type it up and save it, you will be able to "cut and paste" the essay into the online application. This will save you time. Here are the essay question we will be using this year:

1.    Project Stepping Stone is designed to help students prepare for and graduate from college.
      Why do you want to go to college and how would it help you in the future?
       (100 minimum words - 200 maximum words)

2.    Describe an event or accomplishment that you experienced and explain how it impacted or changed you?
       (100 minimum words - 200 maximum words)

3.    If you were given $50,000 today, what would you do with the money. Explain in detail.
       (100 minimum words - 200 maximum words)



Student Application Form

Before beginning the application process, please print out this Checklist to help you make sure you complete all the requirements for the application process.

After completing your application, be sure to:

  • Collect letter(s) of reference
  • Obtain a sealed copy of your official student transcript
  • Print out the Student Pledge & Disclaimer: you & your parent must sign and return

These items must be mailed to:
Project Stepping Stone of Indiana
8340 Little Eagle Ct.
Indianapolis, IN 46234


Application Deadline: April 28, 2017